How To Play

Watch the video below to learn more about Dreembox

Firstly, Register
yourself on, enter your 10 digit mobile number then check your inbox for a verification code. Enter verification code and verify your number then fill required details to registered.

Dreembox is a highest unique bid auction website, where we have removed the factor of luck completely and given the control of winning to the our users. At the result of the game wholly depends on the user's strategy and his skills. Thus making India’s No.1 nail biting Strategy based auction platform. Dreembox gives a never before opportunity to it customers to own their dream products. It is 100% safe and secured, with no hidden cost.

Read here below to learn more about how to play this wonderful game.

Firstly, register yourself on , then check your inbox for a verification email from us, click the link and you are good to go win your dreams. Please do not forget to check your spam and Junk folder in case you have not received our email in your inbox.

Select your dream product and buy a suitable bid pack, being flexible we offer a range of three bid packs to our customer as small, large and XXL packs. If you have good skills a small pack can get you winning. The key is to cover maximum number of bids and then cancel all bids of your opponents, to do so you will need a good amount of bids as other players too buy bid packs and in a good quantity.

if a product's max bid is Rs 5000 then the first bid you should make is 5000 and mostly as most of the players have put 5000 you will get a message saying 'not unique try again' after this you must try 4990.00 and see what message you get if you get a message saying 'unique but not highest' it means the winning bid is above 4990.00. So we will recommend you make all the 1000 bids between 5000 and 4990.00 this will cancel the winning bid and make you the winner, and if you have less bids then you can wait till some other player cancels all the bids of the winner and there might be a possibility that you become the winner.

If you have finished all your bids do not worry you may by bids as many times till the auction is live.

Read here below to understand what is a Highest and Unique bid - firstly make note of the max bid amount of a product, in most of the cases the max bid of a product is Rs. 5000/- So logically to be the highest bidder you have to bid Rs. 5000/- as your first bid, but this might not be unique as your opponents would have already bid the same number (5000/-) you have to bid your way down from here to meet a Unique bid number (that is no one else has bid the same number) like 4999.99, 4999.98, 4999.97, 4999.96, 4999.94 and so on. At the end of the auction the computer records all the unique bids and the highest amongst all the unique bid is declared the winner. Lets see the result of an auction here below:-

S. No Your bids Your friends bids Bid status Result
01. 5000.00 5000.00 Not unique  
02 4999.99 4999.99 Not unique  
03 4999.98 4999.98 Not unique  
04 4999.97   Unique and highest Winner
05   4999.96 Unique but not highest  
06 4999.95 4999.95 Not unique  
07 4999.94 4999.94 Not unique  
08 4999.93   Unique but not highest  
09 4999.92 4999.92 Not unique  
09   4999.91 Unique but not highest  
10 4999.90 4999.90 Not Unique  
11 4999.89 4999.89 Not Unique  
12 4999.89 4999.89 Not Unique  
13 4999.88 4999.88 Not Unique  
14 4999.87 4999.87 Not Unique  
15 4999.86 4999.86 Not Unique  
16   4999.85 Unique but not highest  
17 4999.84 4999.84 Not Unique  
18 4999.83 4999.83 Not Unique  
19 4999.82 4999.82 Not Unique