Nikon D3500 DSLR Camera (AF-P 18-55mm Lens)

10/28/2021 9:00:00 PM


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Beautiful Picturesfor All

You don't need to be a photographer to know a great photowhen you see one. And you don't need to be a photographer to take a great photoyou just need the D3500. It's as easy to use as a point-and-shoot, but it takesbeautiful DSLR photos and videos that get noticed. It feels outstanding in yourhands, sturdy and balanced with controls where you want them. It's compact,durable and versatile, ideal for travel. And it works seamlessly withcompatible smartphones, making it easier than ever to share your great photos.Even if you've never picked up a DSLR camera, you can take beautiful pictureswith D3500.


Easy. Portable.Amazing

Take more memorable images. The photos you take with theD3500 capture more than the moment they capture the feeling of the moment, afeeling that can be shared immediately with your friends and family and thenrelived for a lifetime

Newbies Welcome

If you can take a picture with your smartphone, you can takea great picture with the D3500. Auto mode delivers amazing results in nearly anysituation. If you want to learn while you shoot, turn on Guide mode and followsimple on-screen guidance.

Less Thinking.More Shooting.

The D3500 is fast, responsive and simple to use. You won'tbe stuck fussing with camera controls while a great moment passes you by. Justpoint, shoot and share amazing photo after photo.

Shoot Comfortably

The D3500 simply feels great in your hands. It's lightweightand balanced, even with a telephoto lens attached. Each button and dial iscarefully placed for comfort and ease of use, and the menu system is simple andintuitive.